Financial organizations are under increasing pressure to protect their customer’s private information.  Compliance requirements mandate that PCI and PII information is controlled and that compliance can be demonstrated. Since new information is flowing through financial organizations on an hourly basis, institutions must be able to understand and control customer information so that it is not misused or compromised.

As data leak/theft due to insider accidental or malicious activities is becoming more and more prevalent, the Financial industry is faced with serious challenges to its Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and Data Privacy Compliance efforts. More recently, outsider targeted attacks for data exfiltration have posed an even greater risk.

Traditional DLP solutions have provided only very limited protection for Financial data. GhangorCloud’s pioneering 4th Generation DLEP (Data Leak and Exfiltration Prevention) solution provides unmatched ability to protect Healthcare data against sophisticated advanced Data Exfiltration Attacks.

GhangorCloud’s ISE (Information Security Enforcer) is an “award winning” DLEP solution that is recognized by the leading Industry Analysts, Security Experts and Customers as the “Best of Breed” Data Leak and Exfiltration Prevention solution.

Key Features

Accurate and granular classification of information is the key to successful DLEP. Intellectual property can exist as structured or unstructured data. Highly accurate classification is required to identify and protect these types of data in motion. Intellectual property must be identified and controls applied to protect this information from misuse. Automatically identifies and classifies all information in motion Assigns unique security significance to each piece of information analyzed Applies real time policies based upon information security significance and the user’s security clearance level

Automated Identification and Classification of Financial & Banking Data

Integrated Compliance Enforcement for Financial & Banking Data

As more of your sensitive content moves to the cloud and many of your key applications move to the web, you need to ensure that your sensitive content is protected whenever it is moving. Highly granular policies and automated information classification and identification support real time policy enforcement. Control sensitive data sharing in web-based email. Gain visibility into what content is being moved from the enterprise to the cloud or web. Get real time insight into what types of data are moving and by whom

CASB – Cloud and Web Application Security

Real-time Monitoring and Workflow Control

Use Cases

Stop Leaks  Detect and prevent potential leaks of PCI, PII data and financial records. Identify inadvertent and malicious data leaks   and stop them in real time.

Information Security  Ensure that only approved users transmit sensitive information.

Compliance reporting  Report on PCI, PII data incidents and actions taken to control potential breaches.

Role-based Access Control  Enforce role-based access to sensitive data. Ensure that only authorized users can interact with PCI, PII information.

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