Information Security Enforcer (ISE)

Industry’s Most Advanced Information Security & Compliance Solution

Best in Class Data Security

Information Security Enforcer (ISE) redefines industry’s standard of Information Security & Compliance.

Widely recognized in the industry as the Most Advanced Data Leak Exfiltration Prevention Platform for within the Enterprise and the Web information security.

Comprehensive Data Protection with DLEP and CASB Features

Transparently fitting into the Enterprise & Cloud infrastructure, Information Security Enforcer (ISE™) seamlessly integrates DLEP and CASB features thus providing the most comprehensive protection against data/information exfiltration and extrusion.

Malicious and Inadvertent DLEP

Information Security Enforcer (ISE) is “Industry’s First and Only” solution that seamlessly addresses both Malicious and Inadvertent data/information exfiltration or theft via any Channel, Protocol or Web Service.

Key Features

Total Automation of Complex Tasks

Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform for “Total Automation” of Complex and Error Prone Tasks

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Centralized Command, Control & Intelligence:

Real-time Centralized Command Control Collaboration & Intelligence System for the Enterprise & Cloud SOCs

Information GRC Enforcement in Real-time:

Information Governance & Regulatory Compliance with Segmentation of Duty (SoD) based Controlled Access and Use of Applications, Protocols, Contents and Information

Real-time Automatic Data Classification and Correlation:

Industry’s Most Advanced Auto-Identification and Auto-Classification Engine

Identity & Role based Data Security:

Industry’s First and Only Identity & Role driven Access Control for each type and class of Information & Data Elements

CASB Enforcement in Real-time:

Fully Integrated Automatic Access Control to Web Applications, Services, Content and Information

Automated Policy Engine:

Industry’s Most High Granularity Automated Policy Synthesis and Enforcement in Real-time

CyberSOC for the Enterprise & Cloud

Centralized Command Control & Intelligence System for the Enterprise & Cloud SOCs

GhangorCloud C4i Platform

  • Industry leading Cyber-surveillance & Command Control Enforcement System built from the ground up based on Military Style centralized command and control features
  • Delivers 4th Generation Automated DLEP and CASB capabilities

Key C4i Platform Features

  • Real-time Command & Control
  • Centralized Policies Definition, Enforcement and Management
  • Centralized Control on Protocols and Data Channels
  • Centralized Access Control Enforcement
  • Real-time Dashboard with Consolidated View of the entire Enterprise and Cloud infrastructure
  • Multi-Tenancy built-in for the largest geographically distributed enterprises and Hybrid Clouds

360° Visibility

  • Consolidated View of all Access Points, Data Egress Protocols and Channels
  • Panoramic View with “Actionable” Alerts/Alarms in Real-time
  • Instantaneous display of violation Incidents
  • Instantaneous Actionable Information
  • Detailed Forensic Analysis of violation Incidents
  • Drill-down of all Events and Incidents

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