By Ghangor Cloud / March 29, 2018

Safeguarding Health Care Information- The Role of DLP

Health Care organizations collect and manage extremely sensitive information about individual patients and their practitioners. The information ranges from name and address to payment information and diagnoses. Since this is structured data, it is very easy to identify and target...

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By Ghangor Cloud / February 20, 2018

GhangorCloud Announces Information Security Enforcer 3.0

GhangorCloud is pleased to announce the release of Information Security Enforcer (ISE) 3.0. The updated version has full scale CASB features and new capabilities for controlling information being uploaded to cloud applications as well as a range of sophisticated reporting...

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By Ghangor Cloud / September 27, 2017

Compliance and Data Security – Granular Control of Information is the Key

How do you know if your PII and HIPPA data is being used properly? Demonstrating compliance is a difficult task, unless you have evidence that your regulated information is being actively controlled. What would that look like? You could set...

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By Ghangor Cloud / July 18, 2017

Preventing Malicious Insider Data Leaks – Connecting Who with What

A malicious data leak involves a company employee or contractor who deliberately transports confidential information outside of the company for personal use. One of the key difficulties with insiders leaking information is that they are frequently entitled to use the...

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By Ghangor Cloud / June 6, 2017

Why you need advanced workflow for DLP

If one of your employees was sending privately encrypted messages to people outside the company, would you need to know this? Would you want the ability to stop these messages? A Data Leak Prevention solution with advanced workflow will provide...

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By Ghangor Cloud / March 30, 2017

Command and Control Console for DLP reporting

A military style command center puts all key facts and events together to allow for quick analysis of a situation.  This is what security administrators require for management of the daily spectrum of DLP incidents.  Some of the incidents are...

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By Ghangor Cloud / February 3, 2017

Good news – the most tedious job in security has been automated!

What is the most tedious task in security? Data classification.  Where is this the biggest problem?  In DLP systems. In the past, DLP systems could never be totally current.  There was always unclassified sensitive data that was vulnerable to exfiltration....

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By Ghangor Cloud / January 16, 2017

Is there a perfect incident report for an attempted data leak?

If you are lucky enough to be able to capture an attempted data leak, will you get all the facts you need about the attempt?  What would a perfect incident report look like? Let’s start with the content of the...

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By Ghangor Cloud / December 14, 2016

Playing tag – The security game that never ends

If you have a Data Leak Prevention system from one of the traditional providers, you have the opportunity to constantly play tag.  In order to ensure the safety of your sensitive documents, you must constantly identify and find all the...

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By Ghangor Cloud / September 16, 2016

Segmentation of Duty – Good Segmentation Makes Good Security

A key strategy for managing information security is to ensure that sensitive information is only touched by people who have responsibility for that information. When you want to prevent sensitive data leaks, one of the first things to analyze is...

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By Ghangor Cloud / August 2, 2016

Benefits of Automatic Policy Generation

Policies are the core of Data Leak Prevention systems. Unfortunately, one of the weaknesses of all major DLP systems is the manual nature of policy creation. It requires that the person creating policy understands every kind of content and every...

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By Ghangor Cloud / June 6, 2016

The Evolution of Data Leak Prevention Technology

The first generation In the beginning, companies did not think about data leakage.  They thought about document control.  This was a natural outgrowth of authoring tools and document management systems.  The key concepts of this phase were about password protection...

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