The Most Advanced DLEP Solution

Best-of-Breed DLEP by Frost & Sullivan, Best DLP of the Year ‘16-’17-’18 by Computing Security, Network Security

Marquee Customer Deployments

World’s Largest EDA Companies, National Security Agencies, Oil & Gas Companies, Large Banks & Financial Institutions, Government Organizations

Recognized By Top Industry Analysts

Mike Suby, Frost & Sullivan: “GhangorCloud’s DLEP Technology is one of the three ‘Most Important’ data security technologies along with IBM and Micro Focus.”

Why 4th Generation DLEP?

Previous Generation DLP Failed to Deliver Beyond Trivial Use Cases of Accidental Data Leak

Previous Generation DLP Offered Limited Capability with Very High Failure Rate

CASB Vendors offer only ‘TRIVIAL’ DLP Features

Evolution of DLP Solutions

GhangorCloud is Industry’s First and Only 4th Generation DLEP Platform that provides Data Security against Malicious Insider and Outsider Attack.

4th Generation DLEP – A Holistic Approach To Information Security & Compliance

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Frost & Sullivan – “DLP Technology Evaluation Report ‘18”

Learn About 4th Generation DLEP in 90 Secs.

Frost & Sullivan – “Automation is the Core of 4th Generation DLP”

Marquee Customer Deployments



GhangorCloud’s product for

deep support of GDPR mandate

Analysts Recognition

  • ... the state of the art in data protection has fallen short in meeting the challenges enterprises face in protecting data. We believe this gap can be closed. The three promising data protection solutions from IBM, Micro Focus, and GhangorCloud. Each is unique in the data protection challenges it addresses.

    Michael Suby Frost & Sullivan
  • GhangorCloud’s 4th Generation DLP Technology successfully addresses the key issues and limitations of existing traditional Data Leak Prevention solutions for Enterprise networks, while providing superior accuracy, performance and maintainability.

    The Silicon Review
  • ISE brings a new and credible approach to making sure that data is protected in an appropriate and granular way, a way that supports and protects business operations in real-timeNetwork Computing, Nov. 2016

    Ray Smith Network Computing
  • At a time when the imperative around compliance has never been greater, with new rules and regulations constantly coming into force, GhangorCloud's Information Security Enforcer promises not only to help keep organisations safe, but also compliant. It was for that reason it won the Editor's Choice Award for 2016.

    Brian Wall Computing Security Magazine, Editor
  • GhangorCloud’s Information Security Enforcer (ISE) changes the landscape, as this 4th generation solution can be deployed in a matter of weeks. It achieves this with its unique automatic data classification engine, which dispenses with the time – consuming processes of identifying confidential data, fingerprinting it and defining user access privileges. Enterprises worried about lengthy deployment processes can rest easy with GhangorCloud, as its Information Security Enforcer heralds in a new DLP paradigm.

    Computing Security

Partner Quotes

  • UAE is a very unique market with its strong inclination to adopt the most innovative cutting-edge technology and solutions. GhangorCloud is a pioneer in the 4th Generation Data Leak Prevention solutions and represents the next frontier in Data Protection & Classification through its innovative patented technologies which enriches and addresses the data security needs of major Organizations and key Business Enterprises in UAE.

    Hisham Hittini
    Hisham Hittini A/CEO
  • The GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer provides our customers with a unique and powerful 4th Generation DLP solution that delivers comprehensive protection against all types of data extrusion possibilities within the enterprise. This is particularly important as companies struggle with identifying and controlling malicious data leaks within the company and to the Cloud. GhangorCloud's offering scales for all businesses ranging from SMB to large enterprises.

    Ajay Chauhan
    Ajay Chauhan Chairman & CEO, UAE & India
  • The most compelling aspect of GhangorCloud's solution is its holistic approach toward information security and compliance. The segmentation-of-duty approach to information security and data leak prevention was a good fit for our client's requirements.

    Sri Utami Devi
    Sri Utami Devi General Manager, Information Security, Malaysia


Ghangor Cloud Featured In F

Ghangor Cloud Featured In CIO Review


Ghangor Cloud Featured In Mirror Review

Ghangor Cloud Featured In CIO Review


Latest News

GhangorCloud wins the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for “2020 Global Data Leak Prevention Technology Innovation”.

Frost & Sullivan Award for “2020 Global Data Leak Prevention Technology Innovation”


GhangorCloud’s founder & CEO, Tarique Mustafa recognized as one of “The 10 Groundbreaking Leaders In The Cloud Industry of 2020” by the MIRROREVIEW Magazine

GhangorCloud’s CEO Tarique Mustafa – “A Leader Aspiring to Create New Technology and Solutions”


GhangorCloud’s Artificial Intelligence enabled Cybersecurity Software is acknowledged by HealthTech Magazine on the Cover Page

GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer (ISE) – “Best Data Security and Compliance Software for Healthcare Industry”. HealthTech Magazine, Special Edition – 2020.


GhangorCloud awarded by CV-Magazine, the “Most Outstanding Software in Cyber Security Solutions – 2019”

GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer (ISE) – “Dynamic Data Protection”.


GhangorCloud has been recognized by the CIO Review Magazine as, “One of the Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers – 2019”

GhangorCloud – Pioneering the Fourth Generation Security Space, “One of the Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers” Award by CIO Review


GhangorCloud Achieves Major Milestones and Year-over-Year Revenue Growth in Cybersecurity Market Predicted to Reach $1 Trillion by 2021

Information Security and Compliance Provider Sees Significant Customer Success, Channel Growth and Industry Validation During the First Six Months of 2018.

GhangorCloud recognized by Stridium Cybersecurity Advisors as the pioneering Fourth Generation DLP Solution

GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer now provides automation around setting up access control profiles, classifying the organization’s data, and providing protection around where sensitive data can be sent.

GhangorCloud announces deep support for GDPR

GhangorCloud’s ISE product provides deep support for GDPR requirements using built-in templates for ….

GhangorCloud is honored as one of the Silicon India 100:

GhangorCloud is honored as one of the Silicon India 100.

GhangorCloud Wins 2017 Data Leak Prevention Solution of the Year Award

Delivering Fourth Generation Information Security Through Intelligent Role-Based Identity and Data Classification Technologies.

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