Press Release – July 21, 2015

Market Leading Compliance, Policy Enforcement & Data Protection Company, GhangorCloud Inc., Announces Pre-Packaged Compliance Policies for Leading Industry Standards

Automated Compliance Policies for PCI-DSS, HiPAA, SB-1386, SOX, FISMA, NERC and many more.

"No other company can provide such a complete, and automated solution, for Compliance, Policy Enforcement & Data Protection” Tarique Mustafa, CEO"

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) July 21, 2015

GhangorCloud, the leading provider of Compliance, Policy & Data Protection software, today announced the immediate availability of pre-packaged Compliance Policy Enforcement Modules for their ISE products. GhangorCloud Information Security Enforcer (ISE) is a data security product that offers protection against data theft/exfiltration and malicious disclosure of company-sensitive information. The solution focuses on providing a unified defense against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and data leakage/exfiltration. ISE also provides Compliance & Policy Enforcement, protecting companies from accidental or intentional breaches. ISE offers the most automated and complete protection available in the market today.

Pre-packaged Policy Ontologies available for:

PCI DSS     – GLBA     – NERC     – FISMA     – EU Data Protection Directive     – PDPASB 1386     – Financial     – HiPAA     – SOX     – HR     – Legal     – Intellectual Property

GhangorCloud’s Automated Data Identification & Classification feature automatically classifies confidential and sensitive data, and provides immediate protection. This allows companies to achieve compliance, policy enforcement and data protection as soon as ISE is deployed, rather than the many weeks or months required by other vendors for manual classification and tagging.

Ghangor Cloud Founder & CEO, Tarique Mustafa said “No other company can provide such a complete, and automated solution, for Compliance, Policy Enforcement & Data Protection. “With competitive products, the cost of manual configuration and on-going support, will often cost a company more than the software licence fees”.

Key features and differentiators of the Information Security Enforcer (ISE) solution include:

  • Identity & Role driven Authorization – The Information Security Enforcer (ISE) solution provides a unique patent-pending Identity and Role-based paradigm which enables highest levels of controls over users’ access rights to the relevant content, data, and information within the enterprise. The ISE leverages pre-existing data in the enterprise to seamlessly emulate the organization structure. The end-user actions are automatically evaluated and permitted/denied based upon their authorized roles and “Security Clearance Levels.”
  • Segmentation of Duty driven Policy Enforcement – Segmentation of Duty (SoD) reduces an enterprise’s exposure to fraud and conflict of interest. The ISE solution has built-in support for SoD driven policies which are automatically generated. The patent-pending Automated Policy Synthesis technology automatically creates relevant, highly granular and easily understandable policies for the entire organization, whether it is for 1,000 users or 100,000 users. The enterprise benefits from the reduced complexity, deployment time, costs and incidence of false positives.
  • Governance & Compliance driven Security Enforcement – The ISE solution has been built from the ground up to be a Real-time Security Enforcement solution that can automatically and in real-time identify and protect confidential data as per various industry compliance regulations such as PCI, PII, GLBA, SOX, FERPA, HIPAA-HITECH, NERC, FISMA, PDPA etc. It is designed to be flexible and adapt to new compliance requirements in the future.
  • Automated Data Identification & Classification – The ISE solution provides the unique ability to automatically identify, categorize and classify the relevant content, data and information that needs to be protected in real-time. Automated Identification and Classification of confidential and sensitive data/information is performed — even for newly created “Virgin” data/information.

The company also announced an aggressive drive to appoint up to 30 Security & Compliance focused partners, with the ability to provide sales, support and marketing, in the USA, APAC & EMEA, to support the growing interest in the company’s products. “We want the best Integrators, MSSP’s and Resellers in the World”, said Mustafa, and we will provide them with the training and support to succeed”. Partners can contact peter(at)ghangorcloud(dot)com, for more information.

About GhangorCloud:

GhangorCloud provides Industry’s Most Advanced Information Security & Compliance Solution
Information Security Enforcer (ISE) redefines industry’s standard of Information Security & Compliance and is the Industry’s First & Only Solution that seamlessly addresses both Malicious and Inadvertent data/information exfiltration or theft via any channel or application. Transparently fitting into the Enterprise & Cloud infrastructure, Information Security Enforcer provides the most complete protection against data/information exfiltration and extrusion, available today.

Unlike other ‘Policy’ based solutions, GhangorCloud’s patented (and patent-pending) algorithms Auto-Identify and Auto-Classify confidential data, correlate that information to security policies and use that correlation as a means of enforcing security policies against any possible exfiltration and/or compliance violation for that data. For more details, please contact: