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FEB 11, 2015

DLP is still a big question mark in the market; which comguard wishes to approach with a slightly different approach. after a thorough research, in 2014 gitex, the vad entered into a partnership with ghanghor cloud, a leading provider of next-generation information security & compliance solutions, headquartered in silicon valley.
tarique mustafa, cto-cum-ceo of ghanghor cloud is a worldrenowned dlp expert with multiple patents to his credit; ec mea team talked to him about ghanghor cloud’s entry into the mena market and its roadmap for the coming days.

Could you give us a brief overview of the company?

Ghanghor Cloud/ Ghanghor Ghata ~ Monsoon cloud which brings fresh showers The company is headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California. They provide solutions both for the enterprises as well as cloud-based service offerings for security. Their specific focus is on information security and data leak prevention.

So, what’s the DLP all about and how does Ghanghor Cloud fit into the puzzle?

Data Leak Prevention is a very important component of information security. There have been several solutions attempting to address this issue; but without much success. Ghanghor Cloud brings to the market the fourth generation DLP solutions. Unlike the earlier generations of DLP solutions which tried to focus on specific aspects
of data leak, Ghanghor’s solutions considered all the aspects to the best way. We basically have solved the problems with the previous generations of DLP solutions

• Ease of use for the end user (average employee of the enterprise)

• Ease of deployment so that it doesn’t become a nightmare for the IT guy to deploy and maintain

• Total cost of ownership

• Efficacy and accuracy of the solutions The foundational differentiator between our solution and the rest is that our solution doesn’t discriminate between the leaks on the basis of whether it’s intentional or non-intentional; and works against all kinds of data leak.

Our fourth generation solution is a complete paradigm shift from the third generation. It’s a proven solution now; we have won several awards and have been accepted by customers in several industries.

What’s your go-to-market strategy for this region?

It’s primarily channel based. Our plan is to partner with distributors and resellers in different parts of the world. In US, we operate both via direct sales and channel partners; while outside of US, we operate specifically through the channel.

What prompted you to associate with Comguard?

We chose Comguard because of its exclusive security focus. Though there are other security focussed distributors in the region, Comguard’s portfolio is much diversified in terms of security. Moreover, it has a substantial resence in this region.

What kind of value addition are you getting from Comguard?

They are not just traditional distributors; they also have a strong portfolio of resellers they work with. Many POCs are already lined up for us, thanks to Comguard.

What’s your plan for 2015?

We are focusing on market penetration through sales, marketing and brand visibility campaigns. The product is already very well-known in the USA, but here we need to break ground at a fast pace.